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There are many paths one can take to becoming a master filmmaker. While some people excel in a structured environment like a film school, others prefer a self-directed effort. The Digital Cinema Course from Digital Cinema Training™ ( is the ultimate refresher for the former and the ultimate shortcut for the latter. It is nothing short of comprehensive, with the "Command Course" offering 25 hours plus of training on 20 DVDs and the "Command Course Plus" offering over 45 hours of training on 33 DVDs. Today we will review the pros and cons of the course and evaluate the content as we push through the 40 hours of training in the Command Course Plus.

The 33 DVDs are broken up into eight volumes:

Cine Gear Guide Volume 1
Cine Gear Guide Volume 2
Basic Production
Advanced Movie Production
Advanced Lighting
Intermediate Audio
Digital Compositing
Advanced Movie Production

Cine Gear Guide Volume 1 is a collection of segments from the sales and product marketing folks at various equipment manufacturers talking about their wares. While there is the danger of someone going from teacher to shill, I preferred hearing about the gear from the people who know about the features and use it on a very deep level. One thing I found helpful was having a note pad and pencil handy and writing down the exact terminology used by the reps. Great, I'm already learning!

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