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Distribution consultants like Peter Broderick have been speaking about "The New World of Distribution" at film festivals all of the world and spreading the word that the filmmaker of today is entitled to more fruits of their labor. His message made headlines last year in the New York Times article by Manohola Dargis' "Declaration of Indies: Just sell it yourself". "In the Internet-era approach to releasing movies, the filmmaker is empowered without spending the money, just putting in more effort. The filmmaker will hold onto their rights, use Facebook and other social media outlets to find their fans." On Broderick's website there is a plethora of advice for filmmakers looking for an alternative approach.
Kevin Smith is not the only filmmaker to self-distribute his film, but he is setting new ground rules for this Revolution. The story of Red State will not be told in an opening weekend. It will live and grow to find its audience long after the lights have gone up. "We spend so much time, energy and money in a movie, just to give away all our rights to a distributor," he said. Although it will take a lot more effort, patience and creativity for filmmakers to become their own distributors, Kevin Smith knows it's worth it, because it's art. "You can't commercialize it. You just have to figure out a way to get your art in the hands of the people."
When the night was over, I left the theater with a boost of inspiration and a newfound respect for Kevin Smith. He had the gusto to take a different approach with this movie, but out of respect for his fans, it is still a tried-and-true Kevin Smith movie. As a director, he gave his actors the space to deliver great performances and created a suspenseful film full of special effects, but still brought up thought-provoking issues. By breaking the chain with big studios and distributors, he had the freedom to make Red State the movie he really wanted to make. The revolution will continue to unfold in this new era of filmmaking. Indeed, it's an exciting time to be a filmmaker. CPM

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