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The pros in this section are an excellent selection of the top tier manufacturers. While I love the blossoming of the upstart innovative equipment companies, it's nice to be able to compare the new gear with the standards in the industry like ARRI lights and MSE grip C-stands. The Rosco Labs filter presentation was both informative and gawdaweful long-BUT if you are thinking about buying some filters, you will definitely come back to it for the reference factor. The standout here for the entertainment factor is Ed Phillips from MSE Grip. His C-stand pull up is an amazing feat of strength. Ed, I want to party with you. Here is Ed talking about apple boxes. I love the line 0:16 second in.


Basic Production
introduces the student to basic filmmaking terms, concepts and techniques for lighting, cinematography and composition. Don't let the term "basic" fool you. This is isn't dumbed-down content. You will see specific examples of experts explaining the technical aspects of production with many options for using different lighting, lenses, camera settings and shot techniques. Throughout the course, there are many before-and-after shots as well as critical learning points called out in text between the video examples.

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