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Let's face it. A $200 gig isn't exactly going to build a career. However, sometimes you have to look beyond the money and see what can be learned when an opportunity presents itself.

The event was the SB-ADaPT (Santa Barbara-A Dance and Physical Theater ) Festival. Artists from around the world were brought together to produce an array of performances representing emerging genres in physical theater. The event was staged in a multi-level venue in Santa Barbara, an intimate place and unique location for a live shoot.

A bit of background on me: let's just say I'm living a gypsy lifestyle as a freelance kind-of-whatever, in a brutal economy, and in Santa Barbara no less! Hell, I don't even own a working camera. But I am pretty good at what I do.

After scouting the location, I realized this event called for much more than a basic show-up, shoot and get paid approach. Instead, this became about creating something special from what was sure to be a magical event so I decided it was worth it to cut the pay and get a 2nd cameraman to get the kind of coverage this event would certainly deserve.

Sweet! I borrow a Canon GL1 and GL2 from a friend and call my second cameraman. Less than two hours before the show he tells me he's sick and just can't make it. This is what a videographer has nightmares about, but you have to roll with the blows. I was all by myself.

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