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10/10's - Ten Lists of Ten Tips for Digital Filmakers & Professional Videographers

Ten Tips on Shooting Extreme Sports
By Andrew Herbison

I have learned many unexpected lessons along the way, which in turn made me the go-to guy, but not for my talent or love of sports, but because I followed these tips.

1. Create a tool bag. The must have items for those emergency situations. Riders/ athletes are always forgetting something, and if have tools they need you are they're new bestfriend. It's best to overly prepare than to be under prepared or not prepare at all.

2. Know the location in great detail. Knowledge of your surroundings is one of the greatest benefits to the shoot. Know the tides, direction of the sun so you know where to stand. Get to know the locals. Always be respectful, humble, and friendly, and never bring a crowd to the beach. You are usually at someone else's home break.

3. Have a back up camera if possible. At the very least have back-up tapes/cards and batteries. Nothing worse than getting to a location and having the battery die. It's best to get a move that was almost made then to miss the move altogether.

4. Know your athletes. Know their personalities, their styles and their habits. If you can anticipate an athletes moves, it will greatly enhance your shot.

5. Have water. Most extreme sports athletes have drink sponsors or bring their own, but on occasion someone forgets something like water. If an athlete is taking a break near your set up, it is a good opportunity to discuss the next shot.

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