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Ten Tips for Giving a Wedding Video
More Creative Pop
By Karen Nedivi

We've come a long way from the cheesy over-the-top 80s style transitions. Today, wedding videography looks more like a cool music video. The wedding business is always booming, because there are always people getting married. Although the competition is tight, if you can drop the cheesiness and pick up some style, you can build a good reputation. Here in Santa Barbara, people are getting married left and right, which also means there are a lot of videographers out there trying to get the bride and groom's attention. How do you stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips to give your wedding video more creative pop.

1. Shoot B-Roll. A bouquet of flowers, light streaming through the trees, the newlyweds holding hands. Any little moment you can capture. This footage will be indispensable when you are editing. Keep your eyes open for the details.

2. Pre-wedding. Even if they don't pay you for the extra hours, offer to shoot some of the pre-wedding preparation. The build-up and suspense will give your video more of a documentary feel and set you apart from your competition.



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