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10/10's - Ten Lists of Ten Tips for Digital Filmakers & Professional Videographers

Ten Tips for Keeping Your
Sanity in the Film Business

By Amy Katz

Everyone is enchanted by the mystique of the entertainment industry. But only those who work in it understand how the ungodly hours, sporadic paychecks and gladiator-like competition can catapult filmmakers into the mental ward, skid row, the bowels of hell or worse. While keeping your sanity in the business of celluloid dreams is harder than navigating through L.A. rush hour traffic, it can be done by following these 10 steps:

1. Listen to that little voice. No, not the one that sounds suspiciously like your mother complaining, "Why can't you get a real job like your brother?" The smaller one, deeper down, that whispers "If I have to edit one more episode of "The Real Housewives of Burbank," I think I'll hang myself." Trust that voice; it will never lead you astray.

2. Budget, budget, budget. One of the perks of contract work is having leisure time between assignments. But If you are spending your time off desperately scrounging for any bones a producer might throw you, it's likely you didn't budget. Consider buying a cheaper car or eating out less. Turn those bouts of "unemployment" into the "vacations" you sorely need.

3. Don't compare your success to others. "I only have 20 shows to my name." "She's making $100 a day more than me!" Focus on perfecting your own skills and finding contentment on the job, rather than how your career falls short of those around you, and you'll always be on top.

4. Practice integrity. Integrity is "doing what is right even when no one is watching." Acquaintances will come and go in your life; so will jobs, money and possessions. But you have to live with yourself. Choosing the high road may seem pricey, but we all know where selling our soul to the devil leads.

5. Vision first, then goals. Successful businesses have vision statements that guide all their decisions, and so should you. If your work is beginning to feel meaningless, it's time to soul search . What is your life's purpose? Fruitful goals are ones that fulfill our highest visions.

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