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A revolution is happening in filmmaking and Cinema Perfecto wants you in the know. From the first word of the script to the last rolling credit, everything is changing. Day by day, barriers are being broken down and opportunities are on the rise. Despite the ongoing "Great Recession," there's never been a better time to be a digital filmmaker.

Like most revolutions, this one has been growing underground for quite a while. From the birth of cinema, independent filmmakers have been looking for ways to make their films on a shoe-string budget. Hollywood was shaken up in the 90s when guerilla-style filmmakers broke out on the scene, Sundancing their way to recognition.

As we turned the corner on the millennium, the introduction of digital cinema pushed the revolution forward. Inexpensive digital cameras and editing software lowered the threshold. Suddenly, movies can be made without the high cost of film and give more control to the filmmaker. With the advent of the Internet, filmmakers can reach their audience directly, sell their DVDs from their website, and stream their movies online. Which brings us to the present moment.

The future is unknown, but Kevin Smith might be starting a distribution revolution. He self-released his new film Red State after selling it to himself for $20 at Sundance last year. Now, he's going on tour with his film. For our feature article, I went to see him in person at one of his Q&A screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles.

In this generation of D.I.Y filmmakers, there are a lot of people out there changing the landscape of cinema, and we want to show you how you can become one of them. If you are an entry-level filmmaker just getting to know the nuts and bolts, a professional videographer building up your reputation or an independent filmmaker trying to turn your dream into a movie, this is the place to learn and be inspired.

We are proud to release our first issue of Cinema Perfecto Magazine to the world. We brought together filmmakers, writers, movers and shakers to portray the ever-changing world of filmmaking from their own perspective.

At Cinema Perfecto, we rely on our readers to let us know what you want to see. We can only build a community with your help and presence. Write to us at the following e-mail address. Additionally you can participate in the Cinema Perfecto Forum. Are you ready for a revolution?

Karen Nedivi
Cinema Perfecto
Managing Editor | Filmmaker

Karen Nedivi is a professional videographer and has worked on a number of films, documentaries and video art installations. She's been following her dad around on film sets and watching her mom edit on the Steenbeck since she was a little girl. The family garage was also a prop-house, a playground where she first learned to make movies with her brother. Since graduating NYU film school in 2005, she's been searching for a like-minded community of filmmakers; a network of inspiration and support. She is also a mother of a 19-month-old boy, Solomon. To see more of her work visit:

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